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                    NOVEL AND ROMANCE

                    IN THE WAR WITHOUT

                 BATTLES OF J.G. FARREL

           James   Gordon   Farrell   (25   January   1935   –   11   August

           1979)   was   an   English-born   novelist   of   Irish   descent
           who   spent   much   of   his   childhood   in   Ireland.   He
           gained   prominence   for   a   series   of   novels   known   as
           "the   Empire   Trilogy"   (Troubles,   The   Siege   of
           Krishnapur   and   The   Singapore   Grip),   which   deal

           with   the   political   and   human   consequences   of
           British   colonial   rule.   Farrell's   career   abruptly   ended
           when   he  drowned  in   Ireland  at  the   age   of   44,   falling
           to   his   death   in   a   storm.   "Had   he   not   sadly   died   so
           young,”   Salman   Rushdie   said   in   2008,   "there   is   no
           question   that   he   would   today   be   one   of   the   really

           major   novelists   of   the   English   language.   The   three
           novels  that   he  did   leave   are   all   in  their   different   way
           extraordinary.   Troubles   received   the   1971   Geoffrey
           Faber    Memorial    Prize   and    The   Siege   of
           Krishnapur   received   the   1973   Booker   Prize.   In
                                                                      Anna Maria Dall’Olio
           2010   Troubles   was   retrospectively   awarded   the   Lost
           Man   Booker   Prize,   created   to   recognise   works
           published  in  1970.  Troubles  and  its  fellow  shortlisted
           works  had  not  been  open  for  consideration  that  year
           due to a change in the eligibility rules.
                                                                       Ranked second in “Hanojo-via Rendevuo”a
           Anna   Maria   Dall’Olio   analyses   the   dissimilarity
                                                                   Vietnamese competition in Esperanto (2005), Anna
           between   the   novel   and   romance   and   convince   us 
                                                                  Maria Dall’Olio is ardent writer of fiction, poetry and
           that   the   story   (the   Troubles)   has   the   upper   hand,
                                                                     playwriting, She teaches English in Italian high
           the novel prevails over romance:                                           schools.

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