Page 46 - September 2020
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                 This is a close up if some flowers in a crack on a sidewalk. It was taken on a I-
               phone 5. I played with the settings & this is what I came up with. I use this to help

                 me get grounded, or to find inspiration in the very little, humble things. In this
               piece, I am reminded of the English poet, William Blake, and his poem " Auguries
                                                      of Innocence,
                                          “To see a world in a grain of sand
                                             And a heaven in a wild flower,
                                        Hold infinity in the palm of your hand
                                                And eternity in an hour."

        Charles Braddy

         Charles  Braddy  is  a
         poet  and  artist  from
         After  High  School,  he
         joined  the  USAF  and
         was  stationed  in  the
         UK.  After  service  he
         moved  to  Western

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