Page 45 - September 2020
P. 45


                                                     We Are Here

                                                         I got lost in a strange part of town.
                                                All streets ran steeply upward, quick-footed people
                                                    ran by me dressed in light-coloured clothes
                                             and looking as though they were carrying light things in
                                                                       their bags.
                                                          I stopped someone for directions
                                                 and immediately I stood in the middle of a clump

                                                   of friendly faces.  - Where do you want to go?
                                                         I began explaining.  They listened,
           Niels Hav                                      they were hearing a dead dialect.
                                                            smiling, as if for the first time

                                                 Then they began speaking one on top of another
                                                            and pointing in all directions.
                                                    I pulled out my map.  Eagerly it was opened
                                                    and studied with interest.  - Where are we?
                                                          I asked with a finger on the map.
                                                 They looked at me and as a chorus repeated my
                                                      Then they all broke into hearty laughter,
                                                      I laughed too, we were witnessing high
                                                  comedy.  – Here, said one of them and pointed

                                                  to the ground where we stood.  – We are here!

                              The poem is translated by P.K. Brask & Patrick Friesen

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