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       Editor's Notepad


                                              Litterateur made its launch into a world disarrayed with disasters. True it
                                           is, from the pages of history, every trivial change in the world will find its
                                           replication in literature. Recall the advent of post modernism in the second
                                           half of twentieth century. The World War II brought forward a new thought
                                           about humanity along with a deep sense of pessimism. This marked the
                                           advent of postmodernism when some tried to break away from the ideals
                                           of  modernism.  But  the  conflict  continued  within  postmodernism  and  it
                                           also  started  to  weaken  as  an  intellectual  and  cultural  system.
                                           Postmodernism era characterized by dualist notions ended and a new era
                                           with monist era commenced. Thinkers around the world called it as Meta
                                           modernism.  Metamodernism questioned the universality and truthfulness

                                           of  old  modernism  and  the  fragmentation  and  skepticism  of
                                           postmodernism. Meta modernism tried to recreate a sense of wholeness
                                           that  allows  positive  change  both  locally  and  globally.Going  ahead  with
                                           Covid pandemic smash which reformed the borders and re-validated the
                                           oneness  of  human  race,  we  should  foresee  that  it  is  time  to  go  beyond
                                           Meta  modernism.  Discrimination  over  languages,  countries,  race,  creed,
                                           color  or  gender  has  to  diminish  and  borders  in  all  segments  of  life
                                                Yes! A Beyond Meta Modernistic period is evolving!
                                               Literature  and  Litterateurs  have  greater  role  in  molding  this  new
                                           intellectual and cultural environment.

                                                                                                       L I T T E R A T E U R
                                     At Litterateur , unfold a world untold and unseen
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