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                                                  Polish Poem
                      This poem is written in Polish language, a West Slavic language belonging to the
                     Lekhitic subgroup and closely related to Czech, Slovak,and the Sorbian languages
                   of eastern Germany; it is spoken by the majority of the present population of Poland.

                                                                            Picture by Marian Maciek Jediński


                           Zaczniemy od jutra
                                 Ale co?
                        Zawiesimy firanki oczu
                  Odkryjemy pustkę beztroskich dni
                             Zadamy im cios
                        Milczącym spojrzeniem
                          Zginą bezpowrotnie


                   Anna Maria Mickiewicz                                      Together we will start

                   Anna  Maria  Mickiewicz  is  a  Polish-                           tomorrow
                   born poet, writer, editor and foreign                             But what?
                   correspondent  who  writes  both  in
                   Polish and in English. Anna moved
                   to  California,  and  then  to  London,                       We will close the
                   where  she  has  lived  for  many                           curtains of our eyes
                   years. She edits the annual literary                      We will unravel the void
                   magazine                 Pamiętnik                            of carefree days
                   Literacki  (The  Literary  Memoir),
                   London, and Contemporary Writers
                   of  Poland  (USA),  and  is  a  member                       We will strike them
                   of  the  English  Pen.  As  a  student,                     With a silent glance
                   she  was  a  co-founder  of  the                          They will perish forever
                   magazine Wywrotowiec
                   (The Subversive).

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