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                                                  Greek Poem
              This poem is written in Greek language, Indo-European language spoken primarily
               in Greece which has a long and well-documented history—the longest of any Indo-
                                    European language—spanning 34 centuries.

                                                                                 Requiem For

                                                                    The Dead Man Who Grew More

                                                                           On top of what’s been said this
                                                                                    too will be said
                                                                                    the proceedings
                                                                                          on an
                                                                                  injury that fell due.

                                                                            The time has come for stock-

                                                                            taking animate and inanimate
                                                                                     I’m recording
                                                                          all the past we shared in common
                                                                                      I’m holding
                                                                             you in my fingers bent over
                                                                              I squeeze you and like that
                                                                                          I free
               Aristea Papalexandrou                                                       you
          Aristea  Papalexandrou  was  born  in  Hamburg  in  1970.        I am not keeping a single verse
          She  has  published  five  books  of  poetry:  Dio  onira
          prin  (Two  Dreams  Ago,  2000),  Allote  allou  (Once,                  from our romance
          Elsewhere,2004),Odikaptina       Songbirds,       2008)                     didn’t write
          ,Ypogeios  (Underground,  2012),  Mas  propserna  (It's            a proper epilogue not even.
          Overtaking  Us,  2015).  She  has  studied  music  and
          Medieval  and  Modern  Greek  Literature.  She  works  as
          an editor. For her last book, It’s Overtaking Us, she was
          honored by the Academy of Athens, in December 2017.                         Translation by Philip Ramp

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