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               Ordeal, the former so rational and the latter
               so  mystery.  Mu  is  in  anemosteresis,  it  is

               not  acquainted  with  the  wind,  the  typical
               earthly  disarranging  element  does  not
               exist,   as    if   it   fears    human      life’s
               characteristic  and  customary  dynamics.
               Every  character  of  the  book  has  got  a
               meaningful      and     winking     onomastics,
               starting  from  the  classical  mythological
               personifications       of    the    rebel     and
               incoercible  determination  to  the  ones  of
               middle-American             mythology           of
               Yet, in Mu’s libertarian and autarkical world,
                                                                           Destrutturalismo Cover, credit
               ruled by Great Mother’s antiphallic positive                    Edizioni della Vecchia
               power,  there  is  room  for  scepsis:  why

               condemning  a  murderer  before  weighing
               self-defence’s  hypothesis?  And  maybe  the
               search  of  such  answers,  pyrrhonism’s
               creak,  is  going  to  cause  the  disaster  and
               the  mixture  with  human  counterweight,  a
               thirst for knowledge which cyclically could
               mean  perdition,  becoming  incarnate  in  the
               responsorial  talk  with  power’s  victims’
               anarchical emblem: there the doubt makes
               its  way  and  the  corrosion  of  the  Socratic
               hammering  of  “knowing  not  to  know”  is
               going to upset the main character raising to
               the  umpteenth  power  her  uncertainties
               when the second symbol of the rebellion to
               human      customs’      hypocrite      caryatids

                                                                            The Phallocracy, mixed media on
                                                                              canvas by Mary Blindflowers

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