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                           Mary Blindflowers and The

                                        Black Star of Mu

                                                    Highly  symbolic  is  the  image  of  the  unique  way
                                                    for  pouring  off  the  two  worlds:  the  mere  brain
                                                    rationality  of  some  men  free  from  human  mass’
                                                    throbbing  burden:  those  who  want  to  possess
                                                    phallocratically  Mu  must  use  the  feature  of  a
                                                    guardian angel.
                                                    Likewise  also  the  describing  chapter  of  Mu’s
                                                    graveyards,  where  light  stands  out  antithetically
                                                    to  the  darkness    characterizing  the  conceptual
                                                    halo of human decease, vibrates with notes which
                                                    are  creatively  antinomical  to  the  ordinary
                                                    templates  of  the  human  idea  of  mourning  and

                                                    death:  “Melody  spreads  destabilizing  reality,
                   The Talking Cricket, mixed media
                    on canvas by Mary Blindflowers  absence’s  hypnotic  drawing.  The  sound  holes
                                                    day’s indifferent instinct, chops time’s arteries”:
                 these are passages a shrewd reader is bound to judge soothingly and statically
                 lyrical, poietical isles in tale’s highly mimetic tissue; in them the author carries
                 out  a  crafty  rhythmical  pause,  always  playing  on  contraries’  balance  which

                 makes  up  her  performance’s  firm  yarn.  Melody,  hypnosis,  reality,  absence,
                 indifference,  haematicalness.  As  a  token  of  a  not  indifferent  versatility  in
                 composing always adherent to the narrative task, to text’s basic inspiring idea.
                 Everything is liaison des opposés in “Mu’s Black Star”, starting from the town-
                 planning  couplings  which  obstinately  look  for  contraries’  constant  harmony.
                 Even the highly semantic passage in main character’s generation from the deep
                 darkness to the dazzling light takes bodily shape in her kinship’s onomastics,
                 as  everything  is  sema  and  symbolon  in  this  literary  work  with  a  polyvalent
                 capillarily studied hermeneutical resilience, since the author leaves to chance
                 nothing  in  names’  choice.  And  identically  changing  and  open  to  many
                 interpretations is the word which shows Great Mothers’ world’s capital (whose
                 inhabitants are so different and far away from humans that an inversion in the
                 incipit of the term indicating them is enough to put them in antithesis): Dailorg,

                 in  which  it  looks  traceable  the  English  root  of  Daily  Organization,  but  in
                 anagram  makes  discoverable  a  name  (Gradoli)  which  is  bound  to  bring
                 immediately  to  readers’  mind  ill-omened  extra-sensory  memories  extremely
                 representative  of  the  so-called  “Republic’s night”, or  terms as  Dialogue  and

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