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                       Author - Mary  Blindflowers

                   Books      Writer    and        founder     of
                   Destructuralism      Cultural  Movement,
                   born in Italy, based in Hertfordshire, UK.
                   Previous  10  years  experience  in  Italy
                   with different works  and collaborations.
                   Bachelor      of   Modern      Literacy     at
                   University  of  Sassari,  Italy  (1999).
                   Master  of  Medical  Criminology  and

                   Psychology at University ”La
                   Sapienza” of Rome (2004).

                                                                      Mariano Grossi

                                                      Mariano  Grossi,  born  in  Bari  on  18.07.1955
                                                      lives and works in Bari where performed his
                                                      task  as  an  officer  of  Italian  Army  until
                                                      September  2014.    Graduated  at  the  local
                                                      University in Classical Art, he wrote an item
                                                      about     Eronda’s     VI    Mime     issued     in
                                                      “Rheinisches      Museum       für   Classischen
                                                      Philologie”and  various  articles  of  classical
                                                      philology  and  rewievs  of  young  authors  in

                                                      on-line  blogs  just  like  “Art  Litteram”  or
                                                      “Antiche  Curiosità  –  Destrutturalismo  ed

                                                                                                       L I T T E R A T E U R
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