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                                               Aysa Jhorna


                            The tree                                           Sky

           I asked the tree,                                My words are guarded
           "Where is your wound?"                           by my friend's face
           The tree became silent                           I say to them
           Fantails birds living there,                     this is light
           Tree listens their warm voice                    they say that is dark!

           And the axe hurting the tree                     I say stars
           repeatedly.                                      they say that is sky.

                              Wave                                            Sleep

           Wave moves through the time                      I slept into my dream
           Sea calls the wave by roaring                    keeping the blind
           Wave, time come from eternity.                   dream to a guard
                                                            I slept again.
                            The bird

           The bird in the cave of a tree.
           I asked the tree" where is the bird?"            I keep my soul
           Tree answered , the bird is free                 at a cage
           Her wings will taste the wind,                   which is vulnerable
           May be than she will return.                     can be destroyed

             Aysa Jhorna is a poet, translator                                 Star
                and short story writer  from
              Bangladesh. She published six                 when you  close your eyes
               poetry book,a story collection               Night opens It's eyes

                    and essay collection
                                                            No-one sees
                                                            but the stars tie
                                                            them at the same axis.

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