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                                        Carolyne Afroetry MA

                           UNMARKED GRAVES OF POETS

                      Spiked, black fences besieged
                    the boneyard correctional facility.                      Even as the last rays of the
                      Gnarled trees hunkered down                               sun disappear behind
                   over the somber plummets of plain-                           mabati roofs and the
                   Spine chilling winds and the drop of                      Season of mourning fades.
                                Dead leaves                                   Morning dew will glisten
                            Censored colloquy                                        on the grass
                            Ripped vocal cords.                             Dawn will be another bypass
                           Roll call in absentia.                            drafted by the government
                                                                              As our bones rise to meet
                       A murder of crows stride and                               and greet the sun.
                        Squawk on the manicured
                               scutch grass.                                       Let it be known
                      Rows of weathered marble and                             Our words are epitaphs
                      fallen wood bereft of epitaphs.                           on life’s manuscript.

                              Junked verifiers
                            Restrained lyricists
                            Arrested dramatists
                        Blue-penciled manuscripts.
                       Epistles of immortality bound
                               with the relics
                               of poets past.

                           History will honor us!                 Carolyne  M.  Acen  (Afroetry)  is  a
                                                                  Ugandan  Spoken  word  poet,  writer  and

                                                                  counselor. She currently manages Echo
                                                                  minds Poets, a group of 7 female poets
                                                                  dedicated to bringing women's stories to
                                                                  the stage in a theatrical production. She
                                                                  was  part  of  the  Afro  Women  Poetry
                                                                  project last year and she is publishing 2
                                                                  poetry collections this year..

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