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                   Gavin                      Sea Change

                                                An                                  with the
                                             old lady,                            mind’s tools.

                                           by the sea,                                 The
                                              always                           crowds of people,
                                              there,                              opening-up
                                               never                                 portals,
                                               left.                                 parting
                                                                                    the sea,
                                             Reading                                    to
                                          the scriptures,                       re-engage with,
                                              facing                                  long,
                                             the tide,                                 lost
                                              coming                               memories.

                                            in and out.
                                            Pharisees,                                Holes
                                             Galilee,                               opening,
                                            Pharaohs,                                   in
                                             Galileo.                             the deepest
                                               A red                              with figures
                                             ribbon,                               emerging,
                                             keeping                                   two
                                        the pages, open.                            or three,
                                              Bored                                    at a
                                           holes, in the                              time.

             Gavin Bourke grew up in Tallaght, Dublin, he holds a B.A. Degree in Humanities
             from  Dublin  City  University,  an  M.A.  in  Modern  Drama  Studies  from  University
             College  Dublin  and  a  Higher  Diploma  in  Information  Studies.  His  work  covers
             nature,  time,  memory,  addiction,  mental  health,  human  relationships,  inner  and
             outer  life,  creating  meaning  and  purpose,  politics,  contemporary  and  historical
             social issues, injustice, the human situation, power and its abuse, as well as urban
             and rural life. He has been published widely.

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