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                                                                   O F   T H E   M O N T H
                                                           If  I    see  any  injustice  or  discrimination
                                                           and  superstitions,  that  hurt  me  more.  I
                                                           don't expect anything from other people.
                                                           It's difficult and kind of illogical  to expect
                                                           others to understand me or the way I am.
                                                           Vice-versa,      I    cannot      understand
                                                           everyone.  So  I  shouldn't  expect  same
                                                           from  others.  But  I  would  be  happy  if
                                                           people  become  more  tolerant  to  each
                                                           other's  different  opinions  and  if  they
                                                           accept  others  as  they  are-  they  don't
                                                           need to agree with each other but at least
                                                           they can show some respect or not to get
                                                           violent  or  not  to  overreact.  But  I  find
                                                           most  of  the  people  are  not  like  that.  I
                                                           hope one day tolerant people will grow in
                                                           number  more.  Reason  will  work  more
                                                           than  emotion  or  blind  faith.  That's  all
                                                           what I expect.

               Read her poem  “I Want to Write My Fear” you will start pondering what will be the
                fear which poet is about to write. The lines will  urge to read the poem very fast
               since  poet  is  telling  “I'll  not  talk  about  my  fear”  about  certain  things.  All  will  be
               inquisitive  to  know  the  fear  the  poet  is  going  to  write.  And,  Shafinur  Shafin,  the
               gifted  great  poet  will  captivate  the  hearts  with  the  fear  she  wanted  to  talk  about.
               Interpretation of the poem can be from different perspectives. This beautiful poem
               with a political thought, philosophical approach and societal attitude apart from the
               square outlook depicts the creative flair of Shafinur Shafin.

                                                                                K M Santhoshkumar
                                                                             Journalist, writer and orator,

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