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                                                                   O F   T H E   M O N T H

                world  of  books.  Milan  Kundera,  Dostoyevsky  and  Sylvia
                Plath  were  her  companions.  When  struck  with  gloom  and
                want  to  hug  solitude,  she  would  immerse  herself  in  the
                poetry of Sylvia Plath.
                At Chittagong university, when Shafinur started working on
                BA  in  English,  she  was  surrounded  by  crazy  artists  and
                poets at the faculty’s jhupri that inspired her to start writing.
                She wrote her first poem in Bangla during that time. She kept
                it away from everybody till her elder brother took her diary            I think my sufferings are
                where she kept her poems. He took two poems to publish in               completely  personal.  i
                one  of  renowned  little  magazines.  And  it  was  her  turning       mean,            personal
                point.                                                                  relationships suffer me a
                "I can recall I used to keep a personal diary in which I used           discrimination and social
                to write about my observations about my surroundings and                injustice  happen  in  our
                people. I wrote my first poem when I was 18, an undergrad               everyday  life  and  in
                student.It was 2006.and I really did not know whether it was            society  also  have  some
                up to the mark or not, but it got published next year and with          effect  in  my  mind.  We
                                                                                        are  reasonable  being,
                this  I  found  myself  overwhelmed  and  inspired  to  write           right?  Even  if  we  say  we
                more."Shafinur recalls.                                                 are  apolitical,  we  are
                Her concept of poet is also interesting. "We can call a poet if         political  in  a  sense  that
                s/he writes something universal or very relevant which may              we  can't  overlook  any
                                                                                        injustice  if  it  happens.
                connect  people  or  boost  imagination  of  people-  no  matter        Political     is      not
                where  they  live  or  what  their  social  condition  is,  if  his/her  supporting  a  particular
                poems  have  some  influence  in  others,  if  it  provokes  some       political  party  but  to
                food  of  thoughts  then  probably  the  piece  of  writing  is         support    or    not   to
                successful and we can call the author Poet. In fact I believe,          support a system if I find
                                                                                        it's wrong I think. here I,
                to be a poet is not an easy thing if I consider all this. Writing       find myself in a dilemma
                many pieces with no effect cannot make someone poet. This               when I cannot speak out
                is what I believe. I shouldn't call myself a poet,but I believe it      directly  which  causes  a
                should be called by others if my poems have any impact in               conflict  or  crisis  in  me
                                                                                        and I want to express my
                them."                                                                  feelings   through    the
                                                                                        words which are my only
                                                                                        way to say.
                                                                                                       L I T T E R A T E U R
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