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                                                                   O F   T H E   M O N T H
                                               "However, close we are
                                                     I can only feel
                                                The invisible distance
                                                Between you and me!
                                                    Even knowing
                                              This unchangeable truth-
                                                A compulsive traction
                                                    Pull me to you
                                                  Again and again!"

             These  are  the  words  of  Shafinur  Shafin,  a  poet  and  poetry  editor  of  an  online

             magazine Prachya Review. Surfing her works and poems and having a glimpse of
             her life, one might agree that the poet is revealing the invisible distance between
             her and poetry. Her another poem, “My mother”portraits the dilemma of a common
             woman in our society, We will be shaken by hearing her say that mother is her first
             grave  and  mother  is  her  first  mistake.The  conciliation  and  reconciliations  in  life
             always end up woman to take back seat behind the curtain- the curtain between life
             and    dreams.  Why  this  society  is  wedged  into  a  space  of  no  space  for  woman
             despite  much  celebrated  renaissance.  The  unending  fear  of  all  women  of  their
             unborn  daughter  should  fade  one  day  and  that  fine  morning  is  the  birth  of  real
             renaissance of humanity and dignity. Her poem reminds this, though it creates a
             pain and guilt.
             Shafinur  Shafin  published  her    debut  book  “Nisangam’  which  is  a  collection  of
             Bangla poems in 2016. She writes both in Bangla and English languages and has

             spaced herself in the world of poetry. From he childhood itself Shafinur is into the

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