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          back  to  life.  Now  you  are  all  right.  Your  wife  and  son  are  waiting  outside  to  receive  you.  My  husband  is
          waiting outside to escort me.”
                         I   understood.   I   will   miss   my   love.   To   be   in   love   means   to   be   in   hurt.   While   I   was   dipping   in   the
          muddle, I heard her saying.
                 “If you love me, you should not make me sad… Right?”
                         “Like   a   good   boy,   you   should   go   with   your   family.   Be   happy   always   so   that   your   love   can   also   be
                      My  thoughts  again  climbed  the  icy  mountain  to  slip  and  fall.  I  cried  like  a  kid.  Once  again,  I  have  to
          compromise  and  conciliate.  Words  are  worthless.  No  words  can  express  your  heart.  I  forgot  the  words.  I
          became speechless. No expression of qualms, anguishes and twinge. I am now declared fit. “Fit for use”
          On   the   eve   of   my   discharge   from   hospital,   Mona   Lisa   came  near   me   and   inquired  my   status.   I   did   not
          utter even a word. My eyes had also become dry and impassive.
                She asked.
                “Don’t you remember me?
                 I nodded.
                 I saw her wet eyes now. She stroked me and said.
                “Now you are all right,”
                But I was feeling a pain in my heart. The last pain

                                                              A compulsive
                                     writer in  Malayalam and English, who acclaimed his spot as the
                            author of World’s shortest story writer. He published six books in Malayalam and
                                                          two books in English.

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