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                         With   astonishment   she   looked   into   my   face.   for me. I will retreat only with my Mona Lisa.
          She   sketched  back   the   face   of   the  small   boy  who          My  wife  did  not  understand  Mona  Lisa.  She  told
          sat   aside   her   in   her   class.   The   patient   who   is  her   son   I   had   become   mad.   Never   in   my   life,   she
          brought   to   the   hospital   from   the   street   where   he  had  come  across  such  a  friend  or  foe.  I  wanted  to
          had  fallen  due  to  chest  pain  became  a  VIP  for  the  talk;   talk   as   I   could   so   that   Mona   Lisa   appreciate
                                                               my life since she left. My son strained to assure me
                         Yes!   It   is   her   magic   touch   which   brought   me  that   my   sickness   is   smoked.   The   scum   of   my
          back   to   life.   My   wife   and   son   areoutside   the  illness   is   an   imbalance   of   my   thoughts   and
          critical   care   unit   waiting   for   their   spell   to   visit  judgments.   If   I   stopped   talking   needless   stuffs,   I
          me.   Is   this   extended   life   a   gift   to   them?   I   do   not  will   be   discharged.   I   can   feel   the   spring
          know.  But  if   my   wife   and  son  realize   the   secret   of  ejaculating  from  the  crag  den.  My  life  like  a  brook
          my   comeback,   their   contentment   will   have   a  curving   surpassing   all   the   hurdles   down   to   the
          gloom   sandwiched   in   it.   I   know   that.   Who   is   the  valley.   Mona   Lisa   was   a   boarder   when   I   was
          one   humming     inside   the   critical   care   unit?  curving  steady  with  the  breeze  and  gravity.    I  had
          Someone    is   stroking   on   my   face.   Why   do   you   do  no yearning or desire. But when wants and desires
          that?   Call   my   school   mate.   What’s   her   name?  grew,   I   was   down   the   steep   mound   tiresome   to
          Doctor….no!   it   is   a   profession….   Got   it….….   Mona  govern   my   transit.   Frustrated   to   control   the
          Lisa….   I   screamed   and   cried   for   Mona   Lisa…  Where  turbulence  and  turmoil  of  life.  My  wife  stepped  in
          is she?                                              at   that   stage.   The   real   conciliation   and
                  White  birds  hovered  down.  Silver  beaks  pierced  compromises   with   life   commenced   thereafter.
          to   drink   my   blood.   But   I   am   drowning   into   sleep.  With  no  knowledge  of  me  being  vended  out  for  a
          Mona    Lisa.   Where   are   you   dear?   Help   me.  tag   price,   I   continued   my   voyage.   Now   it   is   the
                                                         My    stretch to disrupt my silence, Death is eminent. To
          Someone    is   following   me.   They   will   slay   me.
          thoughts   are   now   mounting   an   icy   terrain.   The  be   truthful   in   life   is   the   most   important   thing   in
          instant   I   reach   the   peak,   they   slip   off   to   another  life.   To   be   truthful,   the   man   has   to   be   really
          cliff.   I   can’t   recall   the   past   and   perceive   the  mad.  Madness  erases  all  the  fear  in  you.  Mona  Lisa
          present.   But   I   can   foreknow   the   imminent.   They  made   me   fearless.   Her   love   made   me   bold.   I
          call  it  a  hallucination.  Why  do  they  give  medicines  opened   my   heart   before   her   when   she   made   the
          which   induces   doze?   I   do   not   need   a   slumber  next visit.
          right   now.   First   time   in   my   life,   I   had   become            “I  never  knew  about  your  love.  Now  I  know  why
          courageous.   Bold   enough   to   speak   out   the   truth.  I  lived  through  allthe  hardships.  Only  to  meet  you
          Truth   which    hides   in   compromises     and    and   to   regain   you…   Mona   Lisa…   don’t   leave   me
          conciliation  of  life.  I  am  afraid  of  my  wife  and  son.  again.”
          Fear for them is construed as love. You called me a            Her smile exposed that she was practical in life.
          family  man   since   I   was   like   a   gravedigger  of  truth       She told.
          and  honesty.  I  hid  my  actual  self  from  all  of  you  to      “I am your physician. Like you, I am also married.
          make my family happy. I was successful until I was   How can I come with you?”
          hospitalized.   Here   I   am   like   a   free   bird   who   can       “So, you do not love me?”
          hover   over   everything   anytime.   During   these   sixty  I was eager to know.
          years   of   life,   I   never   felt   I   am   loved.   I   always   felt   I        She assured.
          am  utilized.  Utilized  in  the  name  of  love,  care  and          “It  is  not  like  that.  I  love  you  more  than  anybody
          respect.  But  now….  Mona  Lisa….  she  had  showered  else.   Even   before   we   met   and   even   before   I   told
          the   real   love   upon   me.   I   am   having   the   first   love.  my   love,   I   always   remembered   you.   But   when   we
          Where   is   she?   I   can’t   wait   anymore.   So,   craving   to  met,   you   were   struggling   between   life   and   death.
          see   her.   To  be   near   her…   Like   in   a   seashore  during  Since  I  was  in  deep  love  with  you,  I  wanted  you  to
          afternoon,   I   am   waiting.   Scorching   sun   and  be   back   to   life.   I   reminded   you   of   my   love   in
          blistering silt along with burning gale is naught    childhood and you snatched that love to come 
                                                                                                       L I T T E R A T E U R
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