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                                                                     You   appeared   in   the   last   act.   When   I   am   dozing
                                                         knowing   that   nothing   is   left   for   me,   you   came   to
                                                         unclutter   my   eyes   like   a   lightning   flash.   I   realise   it   is
                                                         you whom I searched all the way in my journey….
              Mona Lisa                                       “Once  upon  a  time  there  was  a  small  girl  who  loved
                                                         a  boy  in  her  class.  She  feared  to  reveal  her  love  to  him
                                                         as   they   were   too   young   in   age   to   think   about   love.
                                                         Before   they   enter   the   adolescent   period,   they   parted
                                                         to   join   new   schools.   The   girl   never   discarded   her   love
                                                         for   him.   Instead,   it   was   a   soothing   ache   which   she
                                                         carried   with   her.   Even   on   her   marriage   while   her
                                                         husband   was   tying   the   knot   she   thought   about   him.
                                                         She  believed,  at  least  on  a  day  he  will  reappear  before
                                                         her and accept her love. And now he is before her and
                                                         that is you, my dear.”
                                                              She  told  and  kissed  on  my  forehead.  I  was  shocked.
                                                         Between   us   a   long   silence   creeped.   I   could   not   utter
                   Shajil Anthru                         even   a  pain   and   lucky   I   am   to   have   a  me   in  pain?
                                                         hospital.   I   was   zipped   to   the   emergency   department
                                                         and   physicians   started   investigations.   She   put   her
                                                         stethoscope  and  tried  to  appreciate  the  rhythm  of  my
                                                         heart.   She   was   taken   back.   This   was   this   “dub   dub”
                                                         she was yearning to perceive.

                                                                                                       L I T T E R A T E U R
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