Page 9 - Reflectoem Magazine Issue 14
P. 9

Josh West, South Africa

                               Ways Of The World

               I sit in silence.
               Just listening to the world.

               Weeping at the daily violence.
               Wishing I could just lay in a ball tightly curled.

               Daily mutterings of bloodshed.
               Thickening the airways like glue.
               People eager to fill others with lead.
               It seems to have started out of the blue.

               Bodies get piled higher and higher.
               Soil soaked with a river of thick blood.
               Families left to put out the growing fire.
               Tears of those left behind flow in a tidal flood.

               Trying to prove who can be more vicious.
               Locked in a cycle, the wheel turns.
               The world run by the truly malicious.
               Where their fingers point, humanity burns.

               These are the ways of the world.
               Where the cruel will rise.
               The weak get crushed, lives unfurled.
               Ways of the world? Planets demise.
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