Page 7 - Reflectoem Magazine Issue 14
P. 7

Sabina Alia, India

                                             True Love

                When two uneven shoulders walk the identical steps across the same path
                with uneven feet is called true love.
                When two souls cherish an unfinished story to share with each other and are
                unaware of passing time in their togetherness is called true love.
                When two crazy lovers lured with a crazy vindication and find an ample
                excuse to hold each other's hands amongst a thousand reasons to be apart
                is called true love.
                When two wanderers of distinct language or caste or religion fascinate to
                explore the life together for heart's urge is called true love.
                Gazing at each other's eyes when an old couple can smile without a pretext
                and sanguinely strengthen the platonic love for life is called true love.
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