Page 6 - Reflectoem Magazine Issue 14
P. 6

Ngozi Olivia Osuoha, Nigeria


                 I am worried and troubled
                 So much in pain
                 Because humanity has failed.
                 We have loved lustfully and gained greedily
                 We advanced speedily in vain
                 And still remained where we were, and where we are.
                 Humanity is no longer alive
                 It has knives on lives

                 Severing souls and hearts
                 Pulling down foundations and traditions.
                 I fear tomorrow, for tomorrow and beyond tomorrow
                 How we kill and hate and torment and torture
                 We have so lived up against unity and peace,
                 No one loves another
                 Racism, tribalism, religionism, regionism, different 'isms'
                 I am tired, ask anyone!
                 I know not where we are heading to and what we are heading for,
                 The quest for fame, stardom, power, money, materials, and many
                 more hurt me
                 The world has deviated far wrongly
                 And humanity is in shambles!
                 Rise up, pen up, speak up
                 Save the world, let's save us, and save humanity please!
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