Page 14 - Reflectoem Magazine Issue 14
P. 14

Marija Najthefer Popov, Serbia

                                I Am Just a Woman

                                                        Are you aware that I am just a woman?
                                                        Only yours and never of anyone
                                                        Only yours who knows how to love

                                                        Yes, yes, when you do I feels.
                                                        I think of you but without
                                                        Yes we can love without touch,
                                                        I wander with my soul
                                                        Barefoot and with faithful heart.
                                                        But don't trust the prints my heels,
                                                        They are illusions
                                                        For you and all those who have shod
                                                        With the seductive Intent.
                                                        I am a Tanana woman,
                                                        And when my thought wanders

                                                        Barefoot and naked
                                                        They can be for anyone's.
                                                        I shall not move away,
                                                        From your arms,
                                                        Unless I feel you are not in love,
                                                        With me with all senses,
                                                        Else I shall be yours and only yours.
                                                        And nobody else’s,
                                                        And I know I am a woman with flaws
                                                        And feel, I shall never be loved,
                                                        But I have a faith in you for I am only yours.
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