Page 12 - Reflectoem Magazine Issue 14
P. 12

Ali Al Hazmi,

                                              Saudi Arabia

                              A Corner in a Tavern

               She paid no attention to me,

               As she sat close to my table,
               In the oriental corner of the tavern.
               She paid no attention to my chaotic solitude, Reflected on my two palms
               holding a cigarette, That extended its flame to my blood.
               Smoke flew away like white poems
               Wiping off the spotlight that fell down,
               To uncover the cloud of stately passions Before my eyes.
               Forcibly, she started to hide
               The silver of silence that spilled over pulses,
               Framing us,
               To complete the portrait of passion in her palms.
               She, then, reassembled a lock of her hair that spontaneously fell Over her left
               When she was absently looking at a bouquet of roses

               On a table separating us,
               Hiding half my face.

                How much I wished I would become a complete string
               In her eyes,
               To notice what painful yearning had raged on my last half. To see a wretched
               person inhabiting the bottom of my cup,
               Drowned in profound agonies.
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