Page 11 - Reflectoem Magazine Issue 14
P. 11

An Equestrian, An Unassailable


                                                 Jyoti Nair,


               An Equestrian, An Unassailable Rein!
               Her valor-winged reticles steer, galloping…seizing…
               Cardinal directions on the compass, of India’s first war of independence
               An unconquerable plunge…
               From the Jhansi fort into our indomitable history epigraph...
               Rani Laxmibai, the warrior chronicle, spools ceaselessly in our hearts

               Isn’t another embellished queen, crouching under patriarchal arches!
               Her infant son tied on her back, she rode into the battle vortex!
               Phosphorescence of patriotism reminisced?
               Vehemence of woman power magnified?
               Or a martyr tale, to be recounted…?
               Whenever our calculative minds, hover over spineless, self-centered
               Reluctant to extend any iota of us, to erase some pain of our countrymen…
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