Page 10 - Reflectoem Magazine Issue 14
P. 10

Mili Das, India

                                    Discovering Myself

               I am flying above the sky like a bird.
               I float on high over the hills like a cloud.

               I spread out as bright as the light of the sun.
               I was in the middle of the green.
               I am scattered like dry leaves on the ground.
               I am flowing on the mountain like spring water.
               In the dark forest, alone,
               I gave light like moonlight.
               I fell asleep among the leaves of the trees,
               to recognize myself anew.
               I bathe with the waves of the sea,
               to discover myself.
               I find myself in the midst of nature,
               to discover myself.
               At the end of the day,
               I'm still discovering myself

               in the midst of the eternal path.
               I am still discovering myself
               in the midst of nature all over the world.
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