Page 8 - Reflectoem Magazine Issue 13
P. 8

Allan Lake

                                        Bea Bumble

               Beatrice plonks religious quotes on her FB page.
               Fishy hooks baited with: hast, thee, verb+eth,

               exhortations that start with an O, which I read
               as Zero. Bahumbug cometh to mind but
               I speaketh not lest I offend. We grew up
               together, dropped LSD, were village rebels.
               She slid from hippiedom to an even dumber
               but more organized cult, became worker Bea
               for her self-appointed messiah who requires
               per cent of income as proof of progress.

               Bea has lived a (boa) constricted – but other-
               wise blameless – life, has no criminal record,
               married someone like-minded, bore kids,
               worked hard for her Prophet’s profit.
               Poor, somewhat deluded member of specious
               species-at-large, tangled up in ball of yarns
               while I howl at moon from planet Grump.
               Luckily, one can hide irksome posts,

               hit Happy Birthday when reminded,
               recall a wild thing that once was,
               keep in touch in case that honey,
               Bea, ever departs the hive.
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