Page 6 - Reflectoem Magazine Issue 13
P. 6

Tapas Dey


               The universal image of the petrified woman lying
               As sandwich between the sticks on the pyre,
               The shroud is taken away from her body.
               The lustful eyes are prying through.
               To make the body ashes in an urn
               The fire is ready with its lascivious tongue.
               Some say,
               'Fire the body ! Fire the body !'
               The satisfied flames are billowing up, dancing.
               The sky is getting stigmatized,
               The dance of playful flames,
               The intolerable bites of the fire
               Now all are tolerable to her.
               She seems to be standing on the victory stand,

               And receiving a reward of peace warmly.
               Now an arresting calmness is to her.
               There is no lustful threat,
               There is no blood-shed,
               There is no tormentation,
               She is far beyond the reach of the worms.
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