Page 5 - Reflectoem Magazine Issue 13
P. 5

Nandita De

                               Angels playing the harp

                 See the mountains fly
                 The valleys roll merrily

                 The billowy clouds swim
                 Butterfly strokes gleefully

                 The trees are making merry
                 Mountain springs parading cheerily

                 Wildflowers sing a wistful ditty
                 Ladybirds sway in harmony

                 Roads spinning in between
                 Lights blinking in ceremony

                 I whirl, I stomp
                 I spin
                 I don't conform

                 I do a ballos in the wind
                 I trip over the marsh
                 I sway to an unknown song

                 The mellow notes of the harp
                 Reverberates in the balmy breeze

                 Rich, clear tunes of hymns rendered faithfully
                 The timbrel's tunes in sync with the psaltery

                 The angel strums the wind harp
                 A worship ministration of yore

                 Soothing, lilting songs of praise
                 Intuned with Heaven as the light fades

                 The divine hour casts a rosy hue
                 The minstrel's lyre pays homage new.
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