Page 22 - Reflectoem Magazine Issue 13
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SHAJIL ANTHRU                                   “Make it new”

                 I articulated the world to change
                 All branded me a “rebel”
                 I spoke with confidence
                 All bestowed me a title as “arrogant”

                 Even in success there is a “must”
                 A “must” for transformation;
                 Like failure instills you
                 The warning to alter.

                 You grow when you change

                 To change you redefine
                 Redefine yourselves and the world
                 Every moments of life…

                 Yes !
                 To live you must have a target
                 There must be a plan
                 There must be a retrospection
                 There must be a correction
                 Correction of set point – your target
                 Change in plan
                 To fulfill the meaning of life.
                 A constructive revenge in all failures
                 A modest acceptance to redefine again
                 in all success.

                  *** In reply to Jack Foley's poem
                 to be a rebel
                 is to maintain the status quo

                 you need the status quo
                 to rebel against

                 to redefine the world
                 is to reconstitute everything

                 “Make it new”
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