Page 20 - Reflectoem Magazine Issue 13
P. 20

Nayanjyoti Baruah


                 When you have hours in hand
                 But nothing to do,
                 When you have money
                 But can't squander,
                 When you are penniless
                 But can't go for a wage,
                 When you have people to talk to
                 But you can't go out and intimate,

                 When you urge to walk
                 But only sit, perch and flump,
                 When you wake up and eat
                 And go again to sleep,
                 When you try for a dream
                 But can't even sleep,
                 When you have right to travel
                 But can't step outside for upheaval,

                 Then, apathy begins; speed  and faster.
                 Then you'll be taken to a place, sloth.
                 You can't, but love can be done
                 And you'll be in prison as a prisoner.
                 When will the clock tick its real time?
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