Page 18 - Reflectoem Magazine Issue 13
P. 18

Shikdar Mohammed Kibriah


                 In the midst of a dark-green forest look all of the trees
                 How thrilling to conceive some pollens in their wombs,
                 And smelling the creative scent of wild bumble bees
                 Hold the real nature of matured girl from womb to tomb.
                 To have been truly smelled with just an adolescent scent
                 Birds fragrant with a green scent run after beloved one,
                 Making a round they flap the wings to welcome in a rest
                 In the youngling turn law of youth makes nothing undone.
                 You are softly earthen and starchy with a red-coy in gown
                 From my catching eyeshot you instantly try to turn away,
                 With an affixed eye I find you in a quick turn upside-down
                 Just now our friendship gets natural turn in its own way.
                 Don't I have a solid sportive figure of an ancient Adam?
                 If not, who'll give water in your cultivable land, Madam!
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