Page 16 - Reflectoem Magazine Issue 13
P. 16

Maid Corbic

                                        MOTIONS OF


                 With the sensation of his movements
                 I line up new words for myself
                 for my love will live once again
                 forever until death itself!
                 I dance ,and you dance in the place
                 but I do not give in to what is mine
                 because love will live inside me
                 as long as I'm still alive
                 Love is not a strong point, but I believe
                 that everything has its own story
                 and that optimism enters the pores
                 of my wonderfull precious life
                 Luxury and splendor, glamor and blam
                 it’s all part of one’s life; I have my soul
                 which I pass when I have a reflection
                 in his heart for the repentance of sinners
                 And I have the right to speak to the world

                 how I feel reflective
                 because my movement words are settled
                 at the bottom of the finished soul of birth?
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