Page 14 - Reflectoem Magazine Issue 13
P. 14

Iolanda Leotta


                 Glance With a glance you can sense, what you should understand after so
                 many preambles. If you observe carefully, you can’t misunderstand, the
                 language of the eyes. Glance, intense and passionate, You kidnap the soul of
                 those who have never dared. Let a troubled heart sigh! you’ll lead him out of
                 time, in a fantasy world, where dreams come true and they’ll over the moon.
                 Glance, irresistibile, languid, absolutely charming, women in search of love go
                 crazy for you, they’ll keep trying to win your heart, but you’re elusive. Glance,
                 mysterious, unreachable, you raise strong passions, you can’t exist in a
                 mediocre person, you live only in those who deserve you, you’re the triumph of
                 beauty. Make the lovers sigh Glance, inscrutable, mournful, wicked, you
                 disguise yourself as a seraphic angel and seduce the poor, deceived girls. Go
                 to hell, where you belong. Iolanda Leotta
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