Page 12 - Reflectoem Magazine Issue 13
P. 12

Zana Coven                                                 Faith

                 I believe
                 The sun will heal
                 And cold with disappear in front
                 Of light
                 I believe
                 The sound of wind
                 Will clean our heart
                 And fill them
                 With new air of
                 I believe
                 The nature
                 Will open its arm
                 And embrace us
                 Like mother hug
                 Her children
                 I believe
                 the fresh mountain spring

                 Will give us all
                 New drops of purification
                 To clean all dirtiness
                 We kept
                 In ourselves
                 I believe
                 The new day will come
                 In which the man will open
                 His eyes and recognise
                 What is real happiness
                 Where every child
                 Will be the child of all
                 And bread will lawish

                 For all
                 I believe
                 The new humanity
                 Will raise from ceneries
                 Of broken old world
                 And will sprout
                 New germs of justice
                 For skies and
                 I believe
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