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01 MAY , 2021

                                                                                          SHAJIL ANTHRU

                         MAY  DAY  POETRY  - WRI TERS  OF  THE  WORLD  UNI TE

                  Writers of the world unite                                                                                        Without fear

                  Discrimination  over  Language,                                                                                   Without prejudice

                  Creed,  Race,  religion,  color  and                                                                              Let us lead the realm.

                  gender                                                                                                            Show how the weaker can unite

                  Let it fade.                                                                                                      See dreams of future

                  Who is the proletariat?                                                                                           Live with their heads up.

                  Bourgeoisie?                                                                                                      Let not the power rule the land

                  Where is the Middle class?                                                                                        But  let  the  rule  of  humanity

                  Now                                                                                                               power the land.

                  The divide weakened                                                                                               For both man and nature.

                  Through the years                                                                                                 And

                  The                 divide                    cross                   bred                  in                    Writers of the world unite

                  disguise.                                                                                                         Discrimination  over  Language,

                  It  is  poverty  that  fights  against                                                                            Creed,  Race,  religion,  color  and

                  the splurge                                                                                                       gender

                  It is dictatorship that masters the                                                                               Let it fade.


                  It  is  anarchy  that  upsets  the


                  With fear, all follow the masses

                  Withheld the apprehensions

                  To              not               get               beheaded                              by

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