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            Born  in  Thiruvananthapuram  in

            1968, Shajil Anthru started writing

            short  stories  and  poems  at  small

            ages.  His  first  published  creative

            writing  is  an  English  poem  at  the

            age of 11. Thereafter he published

            stories,  poems  and  essays  in

            leading                              newspapers                                       and

            magazines  in  Malayalam  and

            English.  He  published  eight  books

            which  includes  poetry  collection,

            short                  story                  collection,                         essay

            collection and novels.

            India  Book  of  Records  –  awarded

            Record Title “Shortest love story” to

            Shajil  Anthru.  The  record  for

            authoring  the  shortest  love  story

            with  merely  3  words  was  set  by

            Shajil Anthru. Shajil Anthru is the

            founder  of  Zeroism,  Fishbone

            Poetry and Reflectoem and is now

            the Editor of Litterateur Redefining

            World,                      the                transnational                                 e


            He is also a Reviewer and member

            of            editorial                      team                   of            many

              International  Research  Journals

            and                  Contributing                                editor                    of

            Keralabhooshanam Magazine.


                                       R E D E F I N I N G

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