Page 21 - Reflectoem Magazine Issue 11
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                                                 Jack  Foley  is  a  widely-

                                                 published  poet,  critic,

                                                 performer,  and  radio

                                                 host              on             Berkeley

                                                 station  KPFA.Lives  in

                                                 Oakland, California

                                                 A  history  and  English

                                                 teacher, lives in Poland.

                                                 She  has  been  writing

                                                 poems  for  nearly  20

                                                 years,  being  rewarded

                                                 in  many  smaller  and

                                                 larger poetry contests.

                                                 Shajil  Anthru  is  an

                                                 Indian  writer  and  poet

                                                 who              authored                    the

                                                 shortest  story  in  the

                                                 world,                founder                   of

                                                 Zeroism  and  Fishbone

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