Page 9 - Reflectoem Magazine Issue 10
P. 9

Malgorzata Borzeszkowska

                                                       A  history  and  English

                                                       teacher,  lives  in  Poland.

                                                       She  has  been  writing

                                                       poems  for  nearly  20

                                                       years,  being  rewarded  in

                                                       many  smaller  and  larger

                                                       poetry           contests.            Her

                                                       poems were published in

                                                       two  poetic  books  and  in

                                                       many           anthologies               of

                                                       poetry.           Poems             were

                                                       printed  in  several  literary

                                                       periodicals,  as  well  as  in

                                                       the online Helicopter and

                                                       Fabrica  Librorum.  The

                                                       second volume of poems

                                                       “Inscribed                in           the

                                                       landscape”                 ("Wpisani

                                                       wpejzaż")  was  published

                                                       last year. She belongs to

                                                       the  Gdańsk  Poets’  Club

                                                       (Gdański Klub Poetów).
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