Page 8 - Reflectoem Magazine Issue 10
P. 8

In this poem, Malgorzata Borzeszkowska

                  attempt  to  Zero  down  the  barriers  and

                  boundaries  within  the  society.  She

                  reflects  her  natural  expressions  of

                  feelings  and  ideas,  expressions  which

                  arise  out  of  the  basic  thought  that  the

                  human race is One. The reference to the

                  agony  of  a  slim  African  woman  and  an

                  old  woman  from  Ryazan  confirms  this

                  inner thought.

                  All  other  poems  are  in  the  genre  of

                  Reflectoem  which  befits  to  the  Era  of

                  Zeroism- the new order of the day.

                                                             SHAJIL ANTHRU
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