Page 7 - Reflectoem Magazine Issue 10
P. 7

Malgorzata  Borzeszkowska,  the  renowned

                  poet, needs no introduction to our readers.

                  We can see her intense love for nature and

                  the  conflicts  arising  when  this  world  slips

                  away  to  derail  from  the  co  existence

                  harmonical  rhythm  in  the  poems  included


                  Take her first poem “Bridge” poet says the

                  ultimate aim of Life is to cross a bridge. Poet

                  says  she  will  do  it  one  day.  Like  a  slim

                  African  woman  carrying  on  her  head

                  bundles (life miseries and agonies) and like

                  an  old  woman  from  Ryazan,hunched  over,

                  with  a  gnarled,  dry  bunch  of  memories  on

                  her back.

                  She  will  cross  this  bridge  to  scoop  the

                  clouds into her mouth like wild strawberries

                  to  make  a  fire  and  count  the  sparks  under

                  her feet.
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