Page 19 - Reflectoem Magazine Issue 10
P. 19

A Picture with shortages

                   there is nothing here, Master Breugel would

                   probably have painted some  twenty

                   characters -

                   in the foreground  three fishermen in a boat,

                   not counting a dog

                   under a tree a woman in a gray bonnet

                   cleaning fish

                   and a little boy rummaging in fish guts

                   I don't know where he'd put all those plowing,

                   hay-picking, nose-picking peasants

                   I’m sure they would fit somewhere, even as a

                   speck of sunshine on the opposite shore

                   and a leg would stick out of the water, or a

                   head would be smashed against stones in the


                   and everyone would know it was Icarus again

                   falling from the sky with the summer rain

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