Page 13 - Reflectoem Magazine Issue 10
P. 13

The year in boots

                  the new year  stepped in our lives with its

                  heavy boots on

                  that's ok, after all, it could have turned back

                  on the porch


                  left the shoes on the doormat and tiptoed

                  silently past you,

                  then no regrets would make sense, there

                  would be no one to put all the blame on

                  neither fortune-tellers nor the editors of

                  horoscope columns would earn a living

                  if the year took off his boots

                  the cat would come out of the bag and the

                  heel would appear in a sock hole,

                  it might even turn out that, suprisingly, we

                  are deprived of shoes, even slippers,

                  not to mention spurs,

                  robes, faces, conscience

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