Page 12 - Reflectoem Magazine Issue 10
P. 12

Landscape with a yellow cap

                  you open the window and you get what you’ve
                  not deserved;

                  a tree with burning hair

                  and a soothing, misty wrap on aching branches,

                  the sun, painted on the background of the sky

                  with autumn watercolors.

                  everything is as it should be,

                  even a neighbor's dog lifts its leg by someone

                  else's car.

                  a kid in a yellow hat and  another in a green one,

                  a tricolor cat in the rusty grass,

                  they belong to you for this brief moment.

                  then ... then the light changes, the earth rolls


                  the fog falls on the terrier, caps, the cat is


                  trees die off as if very upset.

                  you close the window-

                  nothing is due, no autumn, the seventh day

                  nor a roll and butter.

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