Page 7 - Dance special Reflectoem Magazine Issue 09
P. 7

demolishing,  dissolving  into  ashes  the  whole

               surrounding  reality,  the  unfair,  totally  lost  reality,

               full  of  cruelty  and  evil,  what  will  the  Goddess  do,

               how will she feel? Is the entire planet really lost, the

               whole  human  species  condemned  to  be  no  more,

               not  deserving  life  anymore?  The  answer  is,  Love.

               Kali got enraged, destroyed all evil, unjust, but now,

               two forces will emerge again from the ashes, like an

               immortal  phoenix,  as  a  spinning  Lotus  flower.  Yin

               and  Yang.  Feminine  and  Masculine.  Shiva  and

               Shakti.  The  unstoppable  force  of  creation  of

               perpetuation of life, through Union, through Love.

               The two forces will be born again from the dust and

               through  Union  and  Love  they’ll  generate  new  life,

               new hope. The era of the dancing Lotus flower. And

               at the end of the dance, we’ll have the Namaskaram,

               the moment of gratitude, the thankful salutation. It’s

               a  dancer  journey,  plummeting  to  the  abyss  of  the

               deepest, darkest oceans and then ascending up to

               the shiny Milky Way again. After the dance, sweat,

               heat,  racing  heartbeats.  Talking  to  someone.

               Needing to cool down. Drinking. That was my Tenax

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