Page 6 - Dance special Reflectoem Magazine Issue 09
P. 6

W H A T   D O E S   A   B H A R A T A N A T Y A M

              D A N C E R   D O   I N   A   D I S C O T H E Q U E

              N A M E D   T E N A X   L O C A T E D   I N   T H E
              S U B U R B S   O F   F L O R E N C E ?

                 She’s  asked  to  dance  something  for  a  theater

                 project.          Of        course,            contemporary                  theater;

                 experimental. She has to dance next to the bar, with

                 dozens  of  Vodka  bottles  on  the  counter  and  neon

                 lights. She will dance the Kali Yuga and will embody

                 the black furious goddess Kali, and the strength and

                 courage of Durga Devi too. Her feet will stamp hard,

                 restlessly,  on  the  hard  gray  floor.  The  hair  will  be

                 open, flowing freely in the air. Her eyes will be wide

                 open  too,  with  a  touch  of  mad  anger  in  them.  Kali

                 Yuga.  The  times  we  are  drowning  in.  This

                 choreography comes from her own inner vision and

                 creation.  No  classicality,  no  fixed  patterns.  Or

                 better, fixed patterns that dissolve, that explode and

                 burst  into  uncontrolled,  free,  wild  movement.

                 Classical  steps  from  a  two  thousand  years  old

                 traditional  dance  matched  with  loud,  experimental,

                 electronic  beats.  Original  music  for  the  event.  But

                 after the destruction, the rage, losing everything, the
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