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                              M A R C H E T T I

                 Giulia  Marchetti  studies  the  Indian  dance-theater

                 Bharatanatyam  (Kalakshetra  style)  since  2008,  in

                 Italy,  Siena,  with  Maresa  Moglia,  a  disciple  of

                 Krishnaveni  Lakshamanan,  great  personality  in  the

                 world of Indian traditional dance and director of the

                 Kalakshetra Academy in Madras for many years. In

                 2012  she  goes  to  India  for  one  year,  where  she

                 studies  intensively  with  the  Guru  Prof.  MR

                 Krishnamurty, historical teacher of the Kalakshetra

                 Academy.  Later,  she  continues  studying  Indian

                 rhythms  and  various  styles  of  dance,  including

                 flamenco  and  contemporary,  developing  her  own

                 personal poetics, having known how to put to good

                 use  the  knowledge  transmitted  by  her  great

                 masters,  including  CV  Chandrasekar,  Bragha

                 Bessel,  Leela  Samson,  Praveen  Kumar,  Shantala

                 Shivalingappa, Mavin Khoo.

                 She performed as a soloist in Italy, India, UK (within

                 a  project  of  England  Arts  Council),  Brazil  (at  the

                 Indian  Consulate  of  Sao  Paulo),  Germany,  Mexico,

                 France.  She  is  currently  in  Germany,  teaching

                 Bharatanatyam  and  keeping  dreaming,  despite  the

                 extremely  challenging  times  for  the  artists  and  for

                 all. Her website is
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