Page 8 - Reflectoem Magazine Issue 08
P. 8

Rezauddin Stalin

                                  The one who

                                   loves a little


                   Rezauddin Stalin is a well-known poet in Bangladesh and
                    beyond and is born on 22nd November 1962 in Jessore,

                        Bangladesh. He has done his Bachelor's degree in

                        Economics and MA in Political Science from Dhaka

                      University. He is the former Deputy Director of Nazrul
                      Institute where he was employed for 35 years. Stalin’s

                   poems got translated in most languages in the world and

                 he is also a well-known TV anchor and media personality in
                      Bangladesh. Stalin is the founder and chairman of the

                 Performing Art Center and is also the senior editor of Magic

                                      Lonthon - a literary organization.
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