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                                       Tali Cohen Shabtai

                                       Lives in Oslo, Norway;From

                                              Jerusalem, Israel

                  I'm my poetry’s number one fan

                  I don't underestimate that sometimes I

                  am my own audience

                  more than that I sin by loving myself

                  if I dig deep into the meaning of the term

                  I’ll reveal more elements

                  that are woven into my personality

                  such as pride, the sense of value I feel for myself

                  for example when my eyebrows thicken in its

                  reflection –

                  I read a well-researched, yet baseless study that

                  the eyebrows indicate much more than

                  aesthetic sense.1.

                  The study's head researcher, Dr. Miranda

                  Giacomin, sided with my claim without

                  knowing anything by saying,

                  “Narcissists love attention and admiration and

                  may keep their eyebrows thick so that

                  they are noticed, recognized and remembered.
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