Page 7 - Reflectoem Magazine Issue 07
P. 7

The one who

                  loves a little

                 Rezauddin Stalin

                    Bangladesh Poet

              Nothing is trivial

              Each object is a diamond in its properties

              We even find infinite potential for savings in termites
              In the eyebrows of grass we see birds of dew

              Even ash is like a bowl of the bright moon

              Limits of our power remains unused

              I do not understand

              How the south’s gentle breeze brings change

              The course of millions of hilshas

              Torn sail starts singing – boatman, pull by rope.

              The insignificant dusts of wait is a feast of golden rice

              The grain of mother's little kiss is now a huge tree

              Don’t say anything about frog, snakes and predators


              The parting of the earth from gravity was not a little thing

              So great civilizations have become insignificant

              In the history - in the grass

              How the mountains suddenly become ants

              The desert melts in the neck of camels

              I Do not understand

              How great is the childhood memories

              Bitter Ulysses repeatedly commits silly mistakes

              He indeed is a social being who loves trivial things
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