Page 5 - Reflectoem Magazine Issue 07
P. 5


                      John Grey

              Australian poet, US resident

                  You know the birds

                  by sight,

                  can even tell the female

                  from the male.

                  And when

                  they’re singing,

                  you’re a music expert:

                  that’s a tanager etude,

                  there’s a pine warbler concerto.

                  Not just the trills

                  but the meanings –

                  the titmouse is

                  desperate for a mate,

                  the field sparrow

                  dangles the words in front of you:

                  all’s right with the world.

                  You are commonly called

                  a birder.

                  But I have you figured for a bird.

                  You practice you calls

                  and the woods respond.

                  The birds seem to agree with me.
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